BlueRetro Adapter Instructions

Table of Contents:

Further information can be found on the BlueRetro GitHub page.

Pairing Bluetooth controller

See guide for more specific instruction: Pairing Guide

Up to 16 connection keys for classic BT and also up to 16 keys for BLE devices can be stored for persistent pairing.

Adapter Button functions:

  • “R” button:
    • Reboots the adapter.
  • “P”  Button:
    • Short press (outside BT inquiry mode): Disconnect all Bluetooth devices from the adapter.
    • Short press (BT inquiry mode): Cancel Bluetooth inquiry mode (new pairing).
    • 3 sec hold: Enable Bluetooth inquiry mode (new pairing). This is used to connect more than one device. A good example would be for multiplayer games.
    • 10 sec hold: Factory resets the adapter to default configuration and clears BT pairing keys.

LED Status:

  • Solid: An error occurred, try rebooting the adapter with the “R” button.
  • Pulsing: Bluetooth inquiry mode enable (new pairing).
  • Off: No errors, Bluetooth inquiry mode disabled, controller connected.

Web Config Information:

Web Config is only available if no controller is connected. Supported only in Desktop or Android Chrome.

  • How to access the Web Config:
    • Power on system and connect via Web Bluetooth at to configure adapter.
    • Button remapping and preset instructions can be found here.
  • Updating firmware via Web Config (OTA FW update)
    1. Download the latest firmware from the BlueRetro GitHub page.
    2. Unzip the firmware file.
    3. Open a tab/window in your web browser and navigate to
    4. Click “Connect BlueRetro” button.
    5. Select the correct bin file for the adapter from the unzipped firmware folder.
      • For external BlueRetro adapters, select [system name]_external.bin file
      • Neo Geo has two firmwares but our adapters work best with BlueRetro_parallel_1p_external.bin
    6. The “Live Output” will scroll through with the update process. On a PC, the update can take around 5 minutes. On Android, the update can take significantly longer.

3rd Party Controllers (i.e. 8BitDo) Modes

Some 3rd party controllers have multiple modes. For example, the 8BitDo M30 has a mode that sets the D-Pad of the controller to be recognized as a left analog stick. In this mode, the D-Pad won’t work without remapping on our BlueRetro adapters. Luckily, 8BitDo allows you to set the D-Pad to act as an actual D-Pad to fix this.

8BitDo M30 keymapping and mode switching:

Known Issues and Quirks:

  • The following games are known to have issues with the JagBT:
    • Atari Karts: Button mapping issues. There is a preset work around to fix this. See GitHub ticket for explanation.
    • Missile Command 3D: Button mapping issues. See GitHub ticket for explanation.
    • Myst (Jaguar CD): Button mapping issues. There is a preset work around to fix this. See GitHub ticket for explanation.
  • Xbox One bluetooth controllers need to be updated to the latest firmware to work.
  • Early Xbox One controllers lacked bluetooth and will not work with the adapter. Here’s how to distinguish between the two controller versions:
    How to identify your Xbox One controller
  • Hitting the JagBT’s reset (“R”) button in some games may cause the clearing of the high score or save data. Most games will prompt you before doing this but one game in particular (Power Drive Rally) clears immediately. This is not a bug but a normal behavior of resetting the ESP32 within the JagBT.
  • Unplugging or plugging in the adapter while the console is on may cause random buttons being pressed. Some consoles, like the Atari Jaguar, have a built in soft reset which can be triggered.
  • Some PCE BT users have issues with 6 button games. This is a quirk that doesn’t effect every PC Engine but if you’re having issues with 6 button games, please watch the fix video here.